Computer courses

A course for the "BC" generation

Level 1

A special computer course is provided for the "Before Computers" generation. This is our "level 1" course and in this course we cover the basics of Windows, Word, Excel, Internet and Email. We are not going to make you a computer specialist, the idea is to get you comfortable with computers in general.

Our Promise: We repeat a lot and slowly....

Note: Younger people are also welcome in this course, but must accept that the pace is going to be very slow.

Other courses

(All ages welcome)

Level 2

In this course we cover the same content as in the level 1 course as described above, but with much more detail. This course is therefore suited for people who have some knowledge and experience in using computers, but want to do a general computer literacy course.

Level 3

Photo's from camera to computer, how to use a "memory stick", burn to CD/DVD, create folders and sub-folders etc.

MS Office:

The following Microsoft courses are provided:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

More courses:

We also offer the following courses:

  • Typing
  • Photography
  • Pastel

We repeat a lot and slowly....