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About us

For the last 28 years, IntroData has been helping companies and individuals improve their computer skills by offering affordable quality hands-on training.
We provide a wide range of courses, ranging from absolute beginners to more advanced catering for general office skills, programming skills, technical skills, graphical design and web design.

We are not an IT company also doing IT training. We are qualified trainers who also started to do computer training. This makes a Huge difference !

The owner, and main instructor, is fully qualified as an Educational Technologist and Instructional Developer.
He majored in learning difficulties and Instructional Methodologies. This enables him to adopt a suitable approach to each different class taking in account factors such as age differences, gender, ethnic diversities etc.



Address:  134 Golf ave, Clubview, Centurion,  Tel Office:  012 654 5052,  Cell + Whatsapp:  081 556 7948

Emails:  Braam:  braambcnet@gmail.com,  Marius:  marius@introdata.co.za